Nike Pro Bra

A perfect fit, the perfect SPORTS BRA


Sports bras can drive me crazy if they don’t fit well!

Too much bounce and bra strap irritation are all too familiar. It’s not until I’ve actually run (and sweated!) in a sports bra that I know what it’s really like. A well-fitted sports bra that gives a high amount of support is key for me when working out. You agree with me, right?

Well, luckily, on my recent trip overseas with Nike, I was actually privy to their latest Nike Pro Bra collection. I must say I was highly impressed with their brand new Pro Rival Sports Bra that ranges in size from 30B to a 38E. After hearing that the bra had been in the Nike design works for 2 years and that the design of the Pro Rival bra was inspired by traditional lingerie construction, while using sport-appropriate materials and contoured foam inserts in the cups, I had to try this bra on. Hello sports bra! Not only does the bra give you a lovely shape, but I had minimal bounce, no side bulging and a compression-like fit. Working out in it lived up to my expectations totally.

Am I slightly obsessed with the new Nike Pro Rival Bra? Yep, you can say I am!

The Pro Rival Bra lands in stores after July 14. Trust me, you’ll love it!

Nike Pro Bra, Bianca Cheah