Sporte The frenchie

SPORTE and his hood!

Sporte The Frenchie LOVES Fuzz yard!

It’s getting cold outside and I’m sure your all throwing on your big winter parka’s as you leave the house! But don’t forget to look down at your fury four-legged friend who’s shivering at your feet. Dogs get cold too, especially frenchies! So next time your rummaging to find the dog lead to attach, make sure you don your furry little friend in a well insulated jacket that not only keeps them super warm, but also looks the part next to you. Our suggestion? A bomber jacket style hoodie teamed with a leather gold collar will look super fine. And to finish, attach a boat rope lead for a street style cool finish!

You can find me at IG @SporteTheFrenchie #SporteTheFrenchie

Sporte Fuzzyard 2
It looks super cool
Sporte The Frenchie
It covers my stub of a tail
Sporte Fuzzyard 4
The piping doesn’t rub on my fur
Sporte The Frenchie
The neck is wide enough that it fits my collar
Sporte Fuzzyard 6
And what can I say? Its a hit with the ladies