Healthy work space MUST-HAVES!

Pictured: Country Road home cushions, BRITA Fill&Serve Carafe, Moleskin Diary and Mac Book Air

When I’m working from home, my work space needs to inspire me to work. A messy desk means I can’t think properly. Whereas a clean, bright and inviting space means I can be more creative and thus work more efficiently. That usually means I’ll have more time at the end of the day to focus on my family and health. So want to know what they are? Keep reading…

My 3 key must-haves for a healthy at home work space

Mood boosting colours

Colour is really important in my workspace as it acts on my mood and how I approach my work. You probably don’t know this, but I’m also a qualified interior designer. So…I like to use colours as accents to enhance or convey a mood. Pastel yellow and sunset yellow are one of my favourite colours and is said to enhance feelings of happiness. In the images you can probably see that I’ve incorporated yellow through my Country Road cushions, my Moleskin diary and floral arrangement (flowers are always on my desk). The accent colour doesn’t need to be over powering and repeated everywhere, it can just be little splashes here and there so it’s subtle, but still noticeable and enough to make you feel happy. If you want to know more, grab a book on colours and their meanings. It will definitely make a difference to your daily life.

Healthy snacks and drinks

Ok, so we all snack and drink while working. But it’s having the right foods there that make all the difference to your work flow and health 😉

Mandarins are my ultimate choice for snacking when working long hours. Not only do they have a high fibre content which means I’ll feel fuller for longer and won’t opt for snacking on sugary sweets, but they are high in Vitamin A, B and C which fight those free radicals that attack our bodies that cause ageing. They are a fantastic anti-oxidant, so having a handful on my desk at arms length is always a plus and just a win win really.

As for drinks I always have a jug or bottle of water (as I’m hopeless at reminding myself to drink water – terrible habit). Last week BRITA sent this filtered water carafe to me. It’s called the BRITA Fill&Serve, and I seriously can’t get enough of it (thanks!). I call it my smart water. It’s probably the chicest looking water filter carafe I’ve ever seen. Housed inside is this little filter disc that reduces the chlorine in the water and other nasty tastes. I really hate it when I can taste water. To me water should taste like nothing. With this filter carafe (I never expected it), but the water actually tastes like nothing. Hurrah! So clean and healthy! And the best bit, the clever cap on top tells me when I need to replace the filter disc inside (which is every 4 weeks). Pretty cool techy function, and I’m loving looking at it on my desk cause it actually makes me drink more water, seriously!

Light and durable technology

My two trustees. Mac Book Air (Thank goodness Apple brought out the lighter version) and my Lacie 1TB hard drive. They’re both light to travel with, yet I run my whole business from these two small pieces of tech equipment. I wonder how much smaller tech can go right? Both fit into my daily handbag and travel with me everywhere! My office is literally in my handbag. Great for when I work and travel, which is me to a T. Again for me, my tech needs to be durable and super travel effective so I can work more efficiently.

And that’s my work space down pat! My big rule, keep your desk simple, clean and real. Everything has a purpose on your desk and that’s how it should be.

Happy desk, happy work, happy life.

Bianca Cheah, BRITA

Bianca Cheah, BRITA

Bianca Cheah, BRITA

Bianca Cheah, BRITA

Bianca Cheah, BRITA

Bianca Cheah, BRITA