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Do you follow the Sporteluxe Pinterest board? Well for those of you who don’t, you can probably jump onto it now HERE as now is the time to get in on the pins! The Sporteluxe Pinterest board pretty much sums Sporteluxe up to a T in the stakes of fashion, health, fitness, beauty and lifestyle. You’ll be greeted with plenty of beautiful pins from all around the globe that aim to inspire and lead you to live a healthy and stylish life. Like me, you could spend countless hours scrolling through the hundreds of pins that will always lead you to somewhere new in the world. That’s the great point about Pinterest in that every pin leads you to a new destination based on the style of pin you were looking at. I say it’s a bit like Sporteluxe. An interactive destination that is fulled with some many new and exciting happenings that lead you to a new and healthy life.

So, jump on at Pinterest and follow Sporteluxe’s aspiring mood board, because they always say, dream big as the sky is the limit!

Maybe I’ll see you in Tuscany Italy indulging in biodynamic wines or floating in the crystal clear Croatian seas.

Till later x