Bianca Cheah, balayage hair, People Hairdressing

My new hair colour took me a YEAR to get

Hair Salon People Hairdressing | Colourist Serena Preston | Cut Stylist Chardae Hammond 

Gosh, my wedding to my love is only a couple of weeks away. It’s really crept up so quickly. But….I have been bride prepping. And to think that it was a whole year ago I had decided to go light. How time flies. Anyway, so part of the preparation was first of all…my hair. As I said, I’ve always wanted to go lighter…think Chrissy Teigan light. So in doing that it would require a few visits to my hair salon People Hairdressing. Counting from memory I’ve been back 3-4 times to get the final look. Just a word of advice to anyone out there with black hair. You can’t go from dark to light immediately as your hair will literally break off. It has to be a gradual process to maintain hair health. And that’s how my hair colourist (@SerenaJPreston) has done it. So, here I am typing away in the chair on my last visit for the final finished product. (keep scrolling to see my final hair colour). And the best bit… my new hair colour has arrived just in time for Summer.

And I have to say with the amount of compliments I get… People Hairdressing do the BEST balayage in Sydney guys!

So below I’ve rounded up a handful of shots from how my hair colour has transitioned over the year. Let me know what you think of my new colour?

Hello golden beach hair!

From dark hair last Christmas 2014 (That’s my little 4 month old Sporte The Frenchie)

Bianca Cheah, Sporte The Frenchie

To a slight colour change at the ends…

Bianca Cheah

The colour is getting there!

People Hair 6To yesterday for the final touches…
People 4

Voila! Hello new wedding hair colour and cut!

Bianca Cheah, People hairdressing


  1. Marie-Claire

    Hello, I am French and I have known you by Chloe Morello , you are simple and beautiful, and congratulations on your marriage !
    I would like to ask your advice : what’s your makeup routine? I love your natural makeup and chic , I like to know . It’s possible ? thank you a lot. See you soon. Marie-Claire


    1. Bianca Cheah

      Hi Marie, Claire,

      Thank you for the congrats.

      My makeup routine is pretty simple and clean. I only use powder as foundation. I wear a apricot rose blush, caramel/ brown eye shadow all over the eye socket and gently blended out from the eye crease, beige eyeshadow under the eye brow bone and lots of thickening and volumising black mascara 🙂


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