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Prenatal yoga with Bianca Cheah

Strengthen Your Belly With These 4 Prenatal Yoga Poses

Yoga itself has evolved so much over the last 500 years, and whilst I know that being pregnant can be challenging for some in the first trimester, it’s also important to keep your fitness levels on the radar so your optimum health and fitness won’t be compromised.

Nowadays, there are so many prenatal classes to choose from, with almost every yoga studio offering a couple of classes per day. Prenatal yoga is a practice designed for moms-to-be! It can help to support both emotionally and physically with an emphasis on core strength, breath work, restorative poses, and stamina. It’s also common practice that most instructors will have had some sort of training in prenatal yoga. So next time you’re in class, pop your hand up and mention to your teacher that you are pregnant and they’ll give you variations best suited to you.

If you’re already a mum, you’ll know that practicing your normal yoga with a baby in your belly is not an easy task. Your aching hips and back are the two prime areas that feel the brunt of being pregnant. Because being pregnant is all about your pelvis and abdomen and supporting one another, and the below sequence will help to strengthen these areas. Incorporate these poses into your regular practice at least 3 to 5 times a week to strengthen your belly throughout your pregnancy. All you need is a calming space, a thick mat, some gentle music and fresh air and you’re on your way to a beautiful experience.

I love → Alo Yoga Warrior Mat

These below exercises utilize the core muscles that will increase strength. But as always, please consult your doctor before adding in anything new to your yoga practice as everyone, and their baby is different.

Pose 1: Cat-Cow

Prenatal yoga with Bianca Cheah Prenatal yoga with Bianca Cheah

Pose 2: Opposite Arm and Leg Extension

Prenatal yoga with Bianca Cheah Prenatal yoga with Bianca Cheah

Pose 4: Full or Modified Plank

Prenatal yoga with Bianca Cheah

Pose 3: Side Plank

Prenatal yoga with Bianca Cheah

Prenatal yoga with Bianca Cheah

womens activewear

It’s Time To Give The White Legging A Go

It’s no secret that yoga is a huge part of my life. I started doing it 4 years ago and barely a week has gone by where I haven’t practiced! Not only is it how I stay fit, it’s what helps keep me sane when I’ve got a crazy, jam-packed schedule (which let’s be honest—is always!) Plus, many people don’t know this, but I’m actually a qualified yoga instructor!

Being such an avid yogi and running my health and wellness site, Sporteluxe, I’m super lucky in that I get to road test all of the latest yoga gear. But while I love trying out different yoga outfits and mats, I have a couple of failsafe essentials that I keep coming back to. Read on for the 3 yoga must-haves I can’t live without!

Alo Yoga Bind Fitted Bra Tank

Alo Yoga Fitted Bra Pink Tank

When it comes to yoga tops, I need something that will keep me looking cute going to and from the studio but that also makes me feel supported. This stylish tank from Alo Yoga is absolutely on the money! I love that you can wear it on its own, or over a bra for a cool layered effect. Featuring Alo’s signature four-way stretch fabric that moves with your body, it also happens to be ridiculously comfy. The baby pink ‘nectar’ shade is my absolute fave.

Shop the tank

Alo Yoga Continuity Capri

Alo Yoga White Capri Tights

Can you tell I love Alo Yoga!? What can I say, they make incredible yoga clothes! My trusty Continuity Capris never do me wrong. Not only do they look super chic with the mesh paneling, but they’re insanely flattering — they’ve been specifically engineered to lift, sculpt, contour and smooth! They’re also performance leggings, providing the form and function I need to give each and every session my all. Oh, and did I mention that they feature moisture-wicking antimicrobial technology, to keep me feeling fresh even when I’m doing those challenging headstands? I’m in love!

Shop the Capris

Bowern Yoga Mat 

Printed Yoga Mat by Bowern         

There are some Aussie brands doing incredible things and Bowern is definitely one of them. They make 100% biodegradable yoga mats out of recyclable tree rubber base. Not only are their mats really sustainable, but they have excellent grip — meaning I never slip and slide around on them! They’re also hypoallergenic, which is great for gals with sensitive skin. All of their mats feature stunning designs, but my top pick is the floral ‘Savour The Sweetness’

Shop the mat

Bee xx

Best foundations with Bianca Cheah

I Tested $200 Worth Of Foundations—These Are My Three Favorites…

If anyone knows me, I hardly wear foundation, and if there’s anything that I can’t leave the house without, it’s a slight dusting of Too Faced’s peach blush over the apples of my cheeks, lashings of a black voluminous mascara coating my lashes and a faint rub of Glossier’s raspberry tint over my lips. But, after living with, and watching my best friend @Chloemorello ‘many’ Youtube videos admiring her impeccably applied makeup and immaculate skin tone, she would always tell me that foundation is e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. So, wanting to look like her. I decided to see what all the fuss was about—cause hey, beauty Youtuber’s kinda know a thing or two about makeup and the best foundations out there.

Best foundations with Bianca Cheah

Here’s a sneak peek from my KK tutorial that @ChloeMorello did for me.

So anyway, the last couple of months I’ve trialed a handful of foundations—and great ones on recommend from plenty of bloggers too. Because let’s be honest, Sephora is an absolute minefield to search through if you don’t know what you’re really after, which is where beauty Vloggers sure as hell come in handy! So armed and credit card ready, Chloe and I went Sephora shopping (for hours)—and came back with a bag full of products. You see, one of the great things I love about Chloe is that she BUYS pretty much all the stuff she wants to personally try to gives honest reviews to her viewers on what they’re really like to use. Probs why she has such a huge following as her readers TRUST what she talks about. We even did a mini makeup tutorial on how to create the Kim Kardashian blue eyeshadow look for the Sporteclub using most of the products we bought from Sephora.

So, jumping ahead a couple of months now, this is the part where I’ve trialled a handful of foundations, and apart from taking a few extra minutes of my morning to add the foundation to my makeup routine, the extra coverage actually made me feel a little more confident in talking face to face with people. But, as I have a combination skin type and I always cradle my face in my hands at the computer, the true test was to find a foundation that lasted all day, whilst also keeping my shiny T-zone at bay (hey that rhymes haha).

So, low and behold, after trialing $200 worth of foundations over a couple of months, I bring to you my three favorite foundations that lived up to the Bianca test!

You’re welcome xx

Best Foundation Medium Coverage:

Nude By Nature Mineral Makeup

Bianca Cheah best foundations

Verdict: The Nude By Natures Flawless Foundation is a long-wearing and easy to blend. I use this one during the day if I want a bit more coverage.

Coverage: Medium coverage.

Love: Available in my color! Nude by Nature products are made with 100% naturally derived ingredients and formulated without synthetic ingredients or preservatives often found in cosmetics such as Silicone, Siloxanes, Phthalates, Sulphates, PEGS, Triclosan, Phenoxyethanol or Parabens, and do not contain Carmine, Talc or Bismuth Oxychloride.

Shop: Buy the Nude By Natures Flawless Foundation HERE

Best Foundation Full Coverage:

Lawless Non-Toxic Foundation

Bianca trialling Lawless FoundationBest foundation

Verdict: The Lawless foundation is super thick and the coverage was amazing! I use this for when I go out of a night time. Love that their shade is my exact color. So many times I have to constantly blend 2 foundations to get my desired color. So it’s great to see that Lawless have focussed on adding more olive shades.

Coverage: Full coverage

Love: This product is cruelty-free, noncomedogenic, silicone-free, isododecane-free, perfume-free, and non-toxic.

Shop: Buy the Lawless Woke Up Like This Foundation HERE

Best Foundation Sheer Coverage:

Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint Hypoallergenic Foundation

Bianca Cheah best foundation

Verdict: The Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint Foundation is much like a beautiful skin tint with a light coverage. It’s super light and if anything feels like a tinted moisturizer. The only downfall is that because of my oily T Zone, I have to brush on a translucent powder over the top to beat that shine that pops up from midday onwards.

Coverage: very light and sheer

Love: That they’re hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, appropriate for all skin types, non-settling, non-creasing, non-poring, non-irritating, paraben free, fragrance-free, cruelty-free and vegan.

Shop: Buy the Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint Foundation HERE

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Sporteclub Launches—Along With My Own Wellness Kit!

Subscription boxes have become the HOT new trend, with almost every brand jumping on the box bandwagon—heck, you’ve probably even had one delivered to your door in the last 6 months. From mini styles filled with anything from samples to full-size items to trunk sized styles stocking designer shoes and fashion, the industry has just about covered everything with some absolute gems waiting to find their way to your doorstep. But really, which box is right for you?

BIANCA CHEAH SPORTELUXE WELLNESS SUBSCRIPTION BOXWhile Sporteluxe has pioneered lifestyle publishing, we’re the first to admit that the landscape is changing. As the market has become so saturated with content, we see the need to diversify so we can keep bringing you more of the same inspiring content you know and love 🙂

That’s why I’ve launched Sporteclub! It’s an exclusive, one-of-a-kind club where you get access to a bunch of cool sh*t that no one else does. Feeling special yet? Good, because you are!

In being a Sporteclub member, you’ll gain access to benefits from our premium partners and have our seasonal wellness subscription box, The Kit + magazine, delivered straight to your door each season. Because let’s be honest, life is always more exciting when you have a delivery on its way! Think of this like the raw vegan icing on your cacao cupcake. It’s curated by ME and is filled with all my fave finds that I personally recommend to my friends and family. In July’s wellness issue, I’m shining a light on brands that not only look good but do good — so you’ll find plenty of vegan, cruelty-free, preservative free and eco-friendly goodies in my kit, and I hope you love it just as much as I do!

Buy my Wellness Subscription Box for only $59 HERE!

Best Subscription Box wellness

A peek at what could be in the kit!

Sporteclub Subscription Box

Personalized to support each season, the Sporteluxe Summer Wellness Kit is specially curated by me, to help you live well and thrive all summer long. Valued at over $200 worth of luxury wellness products for only $59, these are the faves that I recommend to my friends and fam on the reg! Throughout the kit you’ll find only well-intentioned brands that align with Sporteluxe’s own wellness philosophy – whether it’s all-natural, vegan + cruelty-free, sustainable, and more – without sacrificing premium efficacy and luxury. Shine on, Sporteclub!

Subscribe to the Sporteclub Wellness Kit HERE

Wellness influencer Bianca Cheah hiring a boat in Positano

The One Thing You Should Always Do In Positano (That You Probably Don’t Do)

This was my first time in Positano—and won’t be my last.

There’s so much to do in Positano and it’s truly the most stunning place I’ve ever been to, but if you’re looking to escape the crowds for some ‘me’ time, then you’ll need to do a bit more research than just hanging out by the beach and cafes. Positano is filled with packed restaurants, crowded walkways with way too many tourist groups. I was constantly darting in and around people, the roads are bumper to bumper with cars and buses packed liked sardines in a can with vendors on every corner—it’s chaos—but a good one!

As I’m a bit of an introvert and love my own time with no one around me, we decided to hire a boat. And I mean all to ourselves. Take note, most companies won’t let you hire a boat, because you need an Italian boat license to drive one. So, the only one you will be able to hire is a little 26-foot Gozzo Aprea Timber boat. And to be honest it was all we needed. It came with a shade cloth, anchor, cushions and a ladder that you can attach to the side of the boat for swimming. We took a little boom box, some wine, a hat, cheese plate, some towels and water and cruised up and down the Amalfi Coast for the afternoon. It was big enough to capture images on and stable enough to see through the backwash from the passing boats.

Cruising up the Amalfi coast and back took us a few hours and there are some stunning caves that you can stop by and take a peek in. Just make sure you do all this on a clear sunny day, otherwise, the water becomes dark and mysterious, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll totally freak out about not being able to see the bottom, hah hah. And trust me, once you’ve experienced this on a sunny hot day, you’ll be back the second day for another boat ride. It’s everything like you see in the movies and on postcards—but better.

Apart from the boat setting us back about $250 Euro for half the day (they differ with the seasons), it’s totally worth the spend, because if you’re like most of us, Positano is a trip that at everyone needs to do once in their lifetimes! So, you might as well go all out to really enjoy all Positano has to offer!


This Non-Toxic, Vegan Fragrance Smells Just Like An Amalfi Coast Summer

This Non-Toxic, Vegan Fragrance Smells Just Like Summer On The Amalfi Coast

Whilst we’re so aware of what we ingest into our bodies these days, being clean, green, non-toxic, organic, vegan, biodynamic, all-natural etc, it’s now come to our attention that what we spray on our bodies also has a direct effect too.

Meet Skylar Isle. With notes of a subtle citrus and spiced sandalwood scent that’s reminiscent of a clean and fresh summer’s day on the Amalfi Coast, Skylar’s latest summer perfume has me hooked, and I bet you will be too!

Non-toxic skylar perfume

Founded by Cat Chen who became a lot more aware of everything that she was placing in and on her body. The perfume was no exception, especially since it stayed on the skin, all day long. Which is why Cat wanted to find a fragrance that didn’t contain any allergens nor harmful chemicals, but one that also smelt fresh and sophisticated. That’s when Skylar was born. Cat soon realized that many of her friends were also searching for the same thing.

Buy Skylar’s newest summer fragrance (it’s in my Wellness Kit) for only $59 HERE!

After many months of Cat working with world-class perfumers and testing their products in real life, Cat created a stunning collection of natural perfumes that were inspired by the qualities of a clear day—airy, natural and beautiful.

Skylar is now known for their strict standards with formulating their perfumes. They purposely choose to avoid the “dirty ingredients” in the beauty industry which is why you’ll never find those suspicious ingredients in any of their 6-free scents.

All their perfumes are made from a base of organic sugar cane alcohol, distilled water, and natural ingredients. They contain no parabens, allergens, or phthalates and are also cruelty-free and vegan. But do they smell good? Their latest summer fragrance actually has us hooked. Inspired by the purity of water and the ease of a day spent near the Amalfi Coast, the Isle fragrance is clean, fresh, and renewing, and we can’t get enough of it. Spiked with a subtle citrus and spiced sandalwood scent that’s lasting yet understated, you’ll be elevated with each wear, and I can see why!

So you want to try it for yourself? Well, Skylar’s newest addition ‘Isle’ retails for $78 for 50mls, but Sporteluxe and I have teamed up with Skylar to offer their Isle summer perfume in our my Wellness Kit for only $59— that’s surrounded by other wellness goodies of non-toxic nail polishes, an eco-friendly bikini wash, sustainable face cloths, preservative-free pink clay facial mask, natural coconut teeth floss and a natural deodorant. Totally worth it right?


Skylar non toxic fragrance

Ingredients: organic sugar cane alcohol, distilled water, bergamot, cardamom, sandalwood, parfum (Skylar Body’s own fragrance blend with natural and essential oils).


Bianca Cheah beauty routine

This Is What I Eat (And Don’t Eat) To Keep My Skin Looking Healthy

A saying I live by every single day is that I truly believe that healthy hair and skin start from within, and it’s something that my dear mother drummed into me since I was a teenager.

To this day, I’ve grown up not drinking soft drinks nor consuming red meat or indulging in fast foods thanks to my mum, and I don’t even remember the last time it was in my kitchen. My mum knew a thing or two about health, I reckon, and it’s paid off. Back in my heydey, at 3.30pm right after school, I’d whip open the fridge door for a snack and there, stuck to the fridge staring right at me, would be a list of all the foods (well, numbers) my twin sister and I weren’t allowed to eat—621 (MSG), 330 etc. etc., the list went on and on.

“Since you follow a plant-based diet, finding protein sources with ALL the essential amino acids is particularly important. Protein powders such as WelleCo can be a valuable top-up here” says Nutritionist Emma Cronin.

For my sister and me, fresh fruit, yoghurts, brown rice, organic chicken, freshly cooked home meals, fruit roll-ups and muesli bars were considered the norm, and chocolate and organic red wine were never far from our reach (hidden up the top of the pantry behind the pasta—mum honestly thought we would never find them). Grocery shopping would take hours—my mum had to read the back of every frickin’ packet she picked up. I remember watching her perfectly-manicured pointy fingernail slide down the ingredients list, waiting for one of two reactions: her lips pursed in discontent as she put it back down—”It has too much sodium in it,” she would say—or a nod of approval followed by a toss into the trolley.

My mum taught me a thing or two about looking after my health (ok, she taught me a lot) because being aware—which is so important—has actually shaped my decisions about how I look after myself today. Thank you, mum!

So, 15 years on… (ok, maybe 20 years), I’ve noticed little changes in my hair, skin, and weight. First of all, it’s not so easy to just lose weight anymore and secondly, my hair, which was thick, has started thinning and becoming weak. Since I’ve always had an amazing diet, it’s not something that I had wanted to see but hey, age catches up with us all. So what did I do? I… complained to my friends over long red wine sessions, became a grump for a few weeks, cursed my age … and then I did some research and found a solution!

Bianca Cheah making her Smoothie with the WelleCo Protein Powder

Scooping in the Welleco vanilla pea protein powder. Sometimes I even double dip haha (shhh)

So, here’s what I learned and here’s what I consume every day. It honestly brought back my hair vitality, shine, and strength, and has allowed me to be at a weight that I’m now comfortable with.

Here we go…

I consume collagen powder every day—I add it to my morning smoothie. It tastes like nothing, yet I swear it brings back to life my hair and skin. I look like I’ve drunk six litres of water and been on a summer holiday in Greece, that’s how amazing this product is.

  1. I do intermittent fasting five days per week
  2. I drink green tea with a fresh wedge of lemon in it twice per day
  3. I consume Chia seeds and either chicken or tuna with a salad every day
  4. I consume an organic brown rice and pea protein powder in my smoothie just after my 18 hours of fasting. I’m addicted to WelleCo’s Vegan Super Elixir Nourishing Protein Powder because…
    1. It’s alkalizing
    2. It contains prebiotics
    3. It makes me feel full for longer (bye bye, snacking)
    4. It’s plant-based and helps kickstart my slo-wwww metabolism
    5. It’s actually delicious compared to others on the market
    6. It’s Aussie made!
    7. And, because they have given me an offer share with you, FREE SHIPPING use code BIANCA*.

Bianca Cheah making her Smoothie with the WelleCo Protein Powder

Peanut butter in my cup (and my belly)

The verdict: An expert weighs in

You’re probably thinking, “who is she to talk about nutrition?”, which is fair. But since I had access to one, I asked her to assess my daily edible beauty ritual. Here’s what our in-house nutritionist had to say:

  • Collagen is a protein which is found in our skin, making it firm and supple, increasing its moisture content and slowing the formation of wrinkles. It’s also found in our hair and nails. As we age, our collagen levels decrease, which is why it’s essential that we meet our daily protein requirements not just for our general health but for the health of our skin, hair, and nails.
  • Collagen powders contain protein which is absorbed and used by your body to produce more collagen. Whether you’re consuming a collagen powder, a protein powder or both together, it’s important to choose high-quality products to ensure an adequate rate of bioabsorption. In particular, look for protein powders that also contain vitamins as this will improve absorption and the body’s ability to produce collagen.
  • Since you follow a plant-based diet, finding protein sources with ALL the essential amino acids is particularly important. Protein powders can be a valuable top-up here, says Emma Cronin.

And this is what she thought of my daily diet:

  1. Prebiotics: Prebiotics which is one of the key ingredients in WelleCo’s Super Elixir Nourishing Protein Powder is essential to great gut health, which is often overlooked when it comes to glowing skin and good health in general.
  2. Brown rice: Brown rice contains selenium, which is an important antioxidant for healthy skin. It also protects other antioxidants such as Vitamin E, allowing them to do their job in producing collagen for healthy skin and hair.
  3. Pea protein: Pea protein contains 9 essential amino acids and is easily absorbed, making it a fantastic protein source. A quick look at the Welleco product itself and I see it contains L-Glutamine, which is good for the gut as well as a range of essential vitamins, which as I said increased bioavailability and promotes the production of collagen.
  4. Collagen: As we age, our skin collagen levels decrease. Collagen powders contain protein which is absorbed and used by the body to produce more collagen for healthy hair and skin.
  5. Chia Seeds: They contain a large amount of protein, which as I’ve mentioned is vital for collagen production for radiant skin.
  6. Green tea: Green tea contains great amounts of antioxidants, which are really important for healthy skin.
  7. Lemon Juice: Lemon juice is a great source of vitamin C, which we know is important for collagen production and healthy skin. But it’s also a great start to the day squeezed into warm water (or green tea) as it stimulates bile production, which helps in liver detoxification and digestion. Drinking it throughout the day is great as the citric acid in lemon juice also encourages the breakdown of food which improves digestion.

And, here’s my beauty-boosting protein smoothie recipe:

1 x scoop of Welleco Vanilla Pea Protein Powder. They also have chocolate but my fav is the vanilla.
1 x Tablespoon of organic peanut butter for taste
1 x teaspoon of Chia Seeds
1 x cup of almond milk
1 x half a banana
1 x scoop of collagen powder

So whilst it’s not rocket science, I believe it’s all just about being more aware of what you put in your body and what your body needs. As we grow older, we just need to replenish the areas that are lacking.

Love Bianca XX

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