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Prenatal yoga with Bianca Cheah

Strengthen Your Belly With These 4 Prenatal Yoga Poses

Yoga itself has evolved so much over the last 500 years, and whilst I know that being pregnant can be challenging for some in the first trimester, it’s also important to keep your fitness levels on the radar so your optimum health and fitness won’t be compromised. Nowadays, there are so many prenatal classes to choose from, with almost every yoga studio offering a couple of classes per day. Prenatal yoga is a practice designed for moms-to-be! It can help to support both emotionally and physically with an emphasis on core strength, breath work, restorative poses, and stamina. It’s also common practice that most instructors will have had some sort of training in prenatal yoga. So next time you’re in class, pop your hand up and mention to your teacher that you are pregnant and they’ll give you variations best suited to you. If you’re already a mum, you’ll know that practicing your normal yoga with a baby in your belly is not an easy task. Your aching hips and back are the two prime areas that …

Yoga Shed, Bianca Cheah, Gold Coast, anti gravity yoga

Studio Review: Anti-gravity Yoga at The Yoga Shed Gold Coast

You’re probably wondering if anti-gravity aerial yoga is the same as mat based yoga. Well, the answer is yes! But the only difference is that you’re suspended from a very soft and comfortable hammock. My first thoughts were, this will be a piece of cake! But despite my earlier thoughts, anti-gravity yoga utilises a different set of muscle groups than what you would use in a mat based practice because you’re holding yourself up all the time with material, so aside from yeah I thought I could do the poses no drama, I was actually really feeling the burn (that’s a good burn by the way). From what I experienced at the Yoga Shed on ‘ Gold Coast, some yoga poses are relatively easier as I had a piece of material to aid with my balance (like the half-moon and down dog). But upside down inversion wise…hello! I felt that I could lengthen and stretch my body far greater than what I could on a mat. And that’s probably my favourite part of this style of yoga. So, setting …

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Swarovski Sparkles With The Launch Of Their All New Activity Tracker

As you have probably noticed, my life is all about sports luxe. Fitness and wellness but in style. And when Swarovski approached me to collaborate with them on a shoot for their new activity tracker (a first of its kind), well you can kinda imagine, I was pretty chuffed (well literally jumping up and down). Swarovski has been a jewellery brand that has always been close to my heart. The mood I wanted portrayed in this shoot was a genuine feeling of my wellness to shine through in these images. Portraying elegance, luxury, wellness and beauty. So before you start scrolling to look at the images that my lovely twin sister from Images By Chantel captured in my home town of Kingscliff Beach, I’m going to chat about all the amazing things that Swarovski’s brand new activity tracker does. It tracks my sleep and activities – win! It’s water-resistant up to 50 metres – win! It doubles as a watch and can display the time that syncs with my iPhone – win It uses a coin cell. Which means no …

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Here’s An Easy 5 Min Yoga Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Sometimes it’s not easy to get to the gym, let alone buying expensive gym equipment. So here I’ve created a mini yoga sequence that aims to tone and strengthen the upper body, thighs, and bottom. With the use of just 2 x 500 ml water bottles and this simple sequence, training can become a lot more accessible for anyone, including me! All you need are 2 weights. When I’m practicing in a studio I’ll grab 2 x 1 kg weights, but for this exercise, in hot Abu Dhabi, I wanted to show you that you CAN use anything that you have in your kitchen or home. PS – I totally lost the voice footage from this video so I’ve had to re-edit and voice over the top. hahahaha so sorry. Number 1 rule of creating video….check that the mic is recording!! Ok, any questions just comment below. XX Music by Dixxy Shot on location in Abu Dhabi Wearing abi and joseph

Nike Free RN Flyknit, Bianca Cheah, purple running shoes

Meet The All New Nike Free RN Flyknit

I’ve run quite a fair bit in the past, often resorting to it as my moving meditation. But after gaining an unwanted inflamed left hip, I then tried my hand at yoga to fix the problem. Since falling in love with yoga (goodbye sore and inflamed hip), it’s now become my go-to workout. But when Nike released their all-new Nike Free RN Flyknit last week, I was intrigued to give them a spin down at my local park. And, the verdict is in…the foot expands a whopping two widths and one length during every stride (stated by Nike) and I must say it rings true! The RN’s unique midsole works to not only absorb shock from me pounding the ground (these could be my new dancing shoes) but also accounts for the expansion in foot size (goodbye dreaded blisters from too-tight sneakers!). And, the multi-directional outsole flexibility closely mimics this changing shape, whether I’m moving linearly in running or multi-directionally (darting in and out of trees). As a result, my foot, rather than the shoe, is in control finally for the …

Nike Power Tights, Bianca Cheah

This Is Why I Wear Performance Wear While Working Out

Are you one of those runners who just wears whatever is in your wardrobe (don’t worry my husband wears his swimming shorts time and time again), or are you the type who will only wear performance enhancing clothing (that’s me!)? If you’re the former, then that’s ok, but I’d like to share why I always wear performance enhancing clothing whilst working out and why this outfit in particular ticks all the right boxes. Why I always wear performance-enhancing active wear 1. They go the distance I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that the biggest distraction when running is a pair of ill-fitting tights – sliding down mid-run, then constantly pulling them up…it’s a downright annoying! But I think I’ve found a solution; Nike’s Power Speed Tight. With a compression-like feel and a uber cool screen-printed pattern that provides support to my tired muscles, these tights not only stay put, but give my pb’s a run for their money. 2. They run with me Being on the slightly bustier side (I’m a 10C), running can sometimes be a little annoying …

Hom Yoga Singapore, Bianca Cheah

Review: Hom Yoga Studio Singapore

One of the perks of my job is travelling all around the world. I travel far and wide scouting the most beautiful wellness places around to bring back to you. As I write this I am sitting in Singapore’s Sentosa Cove W hotel. After a few days of research and scouting locations, I’ve finally come down to a handful of studios that are definitely worth a mention. But the one that really rang true to my heart and the wellness philosophy was HOM yoga in Orchard Central, Singapore. Meet Hom yoga Singapore. Renowned for their floor to ceiling windows and hot Flow, Hom Yoga features energy-efficient heating systems in their studios, reclaimed timber flooring and furniture and they always endeavour to continue to find more resourceful ways to deliver their yoga programs in the most viable manner. They also work closely with UN Women to help facilitate empowerment programs and also create their own beautiful line of Hipwidth apparel (I’m wearing their turquoise yoga capris in the images), Manduka yoga accessories, and Yogitoes towels. Need I say more? Not just a …