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It’s Time To Give The White Legging A Go

It’s no secret that yoga is a huge part of my life. I started doing it 4 years ago and barely a week has gone by where I haven’t practiced! Not only is it how I stay fit, it’s what helps keep me sane when I’ve got a crazy, jam-packed schedule (which let’s be honest—is always!) Plus, many people don’t know this, but I’m actually a qualified yoga instructor! Being such an avid yogi and running my health and wellness site, Sporteluxe, I’m super lucky in that I get to road test all of the latest yoga gear. But while I love trying out different yoga outfits and mats, I have a couple of failsafe essentials that I keep coming back to. Read on for the 3 yoga must-haves I can’t live without! Alo Yoga Bind Fitted Bra Tank When it comes to yoga tops, I need something that will keep me looking cute going to and from the studio but that also makes me feel supported. This stylish tank from Alo Yoga is absolutely on …


Sporteclub Launches—Along With My Own Wellness Kit!

Subscription boxes have become the HOT new trend, with almost every brand jumping on the box bandwagon—heck, you’ve probably even had one delivered to your door in the last 6 months. From mini styles filled with anything from samples to full-size items to trunk sized styles stocking designer shoes and fashion, the industry has just about covered everything with some absolute gems waiting to find their way to your doorstep. But really, which box is right for you? While Sporteluxe has pioneered lifestyle publishing, we’re the first to admit that the landscape is changing. As the market has become so saturated with content, we see the need to diversify so we can keep bringing you more of the same inspiring content you know and love 🙂 That’s why I’ve launched Sporteclub! It’s an exclusive, one-of-a-kind club where you get access to a bunch of cool sh*t that no one else does. Feeling special yet? Good, because you are! In being a Sporteclub member, you’ll gain access to benefits from our premium partners and have our …

Wellness influencer Bianca Cheah hiring a boat in Positano

The One Thing You Should Always Do In Positano (That You Probably Don’t Do)

This was my first time in Positano—and won’t be my last. There’s so much to do in Positano and it’s truly the most stunning place I’ve ever been to, but if you’re looking to escape the crowds for some ‘me’ time, then you’ll need to do a bit more research than just hanging out by the beach and cafes. Positano is filled with packed restaurants, crowded walkways with way too many tourist groups. I was constantly darting in and around people, the roads are bumper to bumper with cars and buses packed liked sardines in a can with vendors on every corner—it’s chaos—but a good one! As I’m a bit of an introvert and love my own time with no one around me, we decided to hire a boat. And I mean all to ourselves. Take note, most companies won’t let you hire a boat, because you need an Italian boat license to drive one. So, the only one you will be able to hire is a little 26-foot Gozzo Aprea Timber boat. And to …

Bianca Cheah modeling Seed Sport

Seed Just Launched An Active Line—Here’s What It Looks Like!

If there’s one store that I continually have to have a ‘quick squizzy’ in whilst on my way to Woolworths for my weekly grocery shop, it’s Seed. It just stares at me as I come up the elevators, looking all fancy and pretty beckoning me in. I always just quickly dart in just to do the quick lap (as I tell my husband) and always walk out 30 mins later with a bag full of clothes. I can’t help it! Known for their beautifully designed apparel, accessories and footwear (still got their ole leopard print espadrilles) for woman, teen, child and baby, Seed is an old time family favourite. From Xmas and birthday gift voucher requests (thanks mum and dad) to having a permanent tab open on my safari web browser so I can window shop their ‘new arrivals’ section every day (or hour), Seed couldn’t be more of an Aussie favourite. In fact, I’ll admit… it is my favourite. But now Seed has answered my fitness prayers and launched Seed Sport! What a cracking idea! I …

Bianca Cheah in Grana Move activewear

Guard your wallets, GRANA just launched an activewear line

I’m pretty lucky with my work in that I get to trial and see all the latest in the wellness world. Be that smearing new honey moisturizers into my skin, gulping down collagen ingestibles in the hope my skin looks 20 again, to spritzing Chakra balancing mists all over my aura, to dabbling in the latest 6 min ab workouts and donning high-tech active fashion that lands on my desk every, single, day. But the brands that really grab my somewhat ‘short attention span’ are the ones that, well change the way I think. So, case and point… GRANA just arrived on my desk this morning to help spread the word about their leap into the active world. Hoorah! Look, I’ll be honest. I’ve only known Grana for their luxury wardrobe essentials. Yet when their press release stated that they were merging into the category, I did a second take. Are they really? This is groundbreaking! I was keen to know if they nailed the fit and function. What gets me is that almost every brand …

Bianca Cheah, New Balance X J.Crew

It’s All About Pink—New Balance Launches Brand New Collection

Ola! Just me again sharing my latest photo diary with you. Last week New Balance commissioned Sporteluxe to showcase their latest collaboration with J.Crew. And it was everything I ever dreamed of! Every morning I sit at my desk and the product just hangs there staring at me like, “put me on, put me on”, So, I got a little antsy, put it on and dragged my hubby up to the rooftop to help me shoot these key pieces. Pretty eh? Cotton candy pinks, skinny stripes and bold colour blocking. My kinda style 🙂 Well done New Balance X J.Crew. You can see the full Sporteluxe article here at Bxx